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"This is an all out jam...these two pretty much play straight up your ass honky tonk redneck rock music! I love to rip off beer caps and tear into a few cold long necks with loud balls to the wall Barnyard Stompers music."

     -Gary Hayes Country

“You know it has been a long time since I have found a band that I enjoy listening to on repeat. I know that sounds silly but we all do it, don’t deny it. The Barnyard Stompers is one of those bands. The talent with these two is simply amazing. There is a variety of different music styles from one song to the next, so you will not get bored listening to them! Go check ‘em out!”

     - Sheila Broderick, Colorado Music Buzz Magazine

“It's a sound somewhere between vintage Waylon and Whitey Mogan. They're out to make you dance, chug down a few more longnecks, or simply bask in the rawness of their unadorned sound."..."Miller and Wise will certainly point first to their honky-tonk heroes, extending back to the early Johnny Cash Sun Records era but will also in the same breath mention Rob Zombie, Soundgarden, and The White Stripes as influences too."

- Jim Hynes, The Daily Ripple

"If you love, raw, edgy tales of murder, mayhem, booze and drugs that don’t always take themselves seriously you won’t find anything better than Barnyard Stompers! You will probably never hear an album as rooted in the sinister ‘backwoods’ as this one, to such a degree that at times you can feel in danger just listening to this raw often threatening music. Despite the fact that there are just two of them working together it seems insulting to call them a duo thanks to their ability to actually make more noise then many a four piece band and when it comes to sheer musical power and drive, they have few peers!

- American Roots UK Online

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